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Viewpoint 8 January 2021

Why Wellness Programs are Investment Worthy and Add Value

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Why Wellness Programs are Investment Worthy and Add Value
This viewpoint was created by
Mia Mackman, Managing Director HVS and Principal Spa and Wellness Consulting
Laszlo Puczko
CEO & Co-Founder of Heath Tourism Worldwide

The COVID-19 pandemic made wider audiences recognize the importance of health, wellbeing, and harmony. Either physical, social, or emotional. I would like to challenge the hospitality sector on this note. Does not the word 'hospitality' indicate the importance of guests' safety and comfort by definition? If this was the case, suggesting that hospitality would need to pay more attention to wellness or wellbeing does not just admit that the hospitality industry could have done more already?

I strongly believe that wellnessification of hospitality services may not automatically result in higher rates and returns. It is more likely that wellnessified services all across the board can become entry-level expectations. Guests do not seem to find such developments as an add-on, more like the new minimum. This can mean a challenge to any style and category of hospitality provider. The well-wired services, amenities, and solutions can make hospitality providers more competitive when the world emerges after several months of lock-down. As the findings of the pilot research by Wellness Tourism Association and Health Tourism Worldwide suggest travelers look for wellness-inspired and oriented solutions, destinations, and brands. They are more aware and open to learn and try more.

New development should avoid looking at wellness as a satellite or as a department only. This may lead to the underestimation of TRevPAR, overdeveloping, and overspending on space resulting in an underperforming GOP and suboptimal guests' wellbeing.

The healthcare-hospitality-wellness conversion appears to be paving the way of actually reaching hospitality revolution 4.0.

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