During the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Member Summit in Nice, HNtv INSIDERS caught up with Caroline Tivéus, Senior Vice President, Director of Sustainable Business at Pandox, and Dr. Willy Legrand, Professor at the IU International University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Pandox, as a hotel owner, plays an important role in the sustainable hospitality ecosystem, managing a diverse portfolio of leased and operated properties. Out of the 158 hotels, Pandox directly operates 20. This aspect of their business model is significant because the sustainability expectations from tenants, in terms of both building infrastructure and everyday operations, can differ when comparing a leaseholder to an owner-operator scenario. Amidst a fragmented hotel ownership and management industry, Caroline pinpointed a growing emphasis on regulatory guidelines and mandatory reporting as significant enabler for sustainability-driven transformation. From the unique opportunities presented by green leases to the adoption of the Science-based Target Initiative (SBTi), this concise 15-minute interview provides a wealth of knowledge and intricacies around sustainability actions viewed from both owner and operator standpoints.