Recapturing Revenue, Improving Profitability in a Changed Marketplace

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If nothing else, the pandemic crystalized for hoteliers the importance of agility to respond to market changes – and the need for cloud technology to achieve it. To recapture revenue and elevate guest experiences, hoteliers must seek better ways to rapidly integrate innovations, collect – and use – data meaningfully to enhance operations and service, and make work better and simpler for employees.

Learn how cloud technology plays a vital role in making these objectives a reality by joining an HN discussion featuring Gunnar von Hagen, corporate director of operations for Lindner Hotels & Resorts, and Marcos Marin Coe-Archer, founder and managing director at HotelTIC Digital Advisors, a consulting firm that helps hoteliers in the digital transformation of their businesses. This session will be facilitated by Alan Young, Hospitality Net’s chief strategist.

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