5 Ways Consumers Will Shape the Future of Hospitality in 2023

Choice Hotels EMEA CEO Jonathan Mills lays out how the past three years have changed the way people travel and what they expect from hotel brands. The pandemic has made people value travel more and has changed their expectations. Mills suggests that consumer brand expectations for 2023 will have more longevity than those of the past. He lists 5 consumer brand expectations for 2023, including hotels creating a sense of comfort and familiarity for guests, using more eco-friendly materials for amenities, accommodating up on the trend of bleisure travel, providing an authentic local experience for guests, and increasing focus on health and safety measures.

As we know, travel trends change faster than you can say ‘hospitality’. But the past three years have fundamentally changed the way people travel and what they expect from hotel brands.

With the pandemic now thankfully behind us, we have come to realise travel should not be taken for granted.

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The Hotel Yearbook 2023 - Annual Edition

As we have embarked on 2023, it is evident that the hotel industry has made a robust recovery from the pandemic. Occupancy and pricing have returned to their pre-pandemic levels. However, the future of our industry is contingent on how nimble the hospitality sector can be in adapting to ongoing innovation, changing market conditions, evolving consumer preferences, new staffing challenges, and sustainability realities. These uncertainties are the new normal in an unpredictable world.