Hospitality and Web3 : Fad or true innovation for the guest experience?

In this article, former Global Head of digital at Rosewood Hotel Group explores the potential of Web3 technologies in the hospitality industry. The article suggests that embracing such technology, including Metaverse activations, AI, and NFT collections, can offer unique solutions to the sector's inherent complexity and provide revenue-generating opportunities. These technologies can attract a younger demographic, enable virtual representations of properties for cost-effective global sales, transform marketing and customer service, and revolutionize membership systems through token-based memberships. The article further highlights the potential of Web3 for better compliance with data regulations. The author encourages professionals to test and understand these emerging technologies to adapt to the rapid technological evolution and remain competitive.

Why would a Metaverse activation be useful to boost your revenue? Why would you use AI in your hotel? Why are hotels or private clubs launching NFT collections?

Many questions that if being asked to 10 different people will very likely lead to 10 different answers… and it’s ok, but you can’t just stand on the sideline much longer before you form a strong opinion and a clear strategy.

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The Hotel Yearbook Technology 2024

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