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Nick Price

Head of Systems & Technology Architecture at citizenM

Nick Price is the founder of NetSys Technology, a technology consulting company focusing on the hospitality and travel sectors. As part of his current portfolio of hospitality industry responsibilities, Nick holds the post of CIO at citizenM (, a happening Amsterdam NL based Hotel Company with global aspirations. He has worked with citizenM since early 2013 and is responsible for a large and growing set of digital technologies, including traditional IT. Prior to starting NetSys, Nick worked as CIO for global luxury hotel brand Mandarin Oriental over twelve years, where he was fortunate enough to participate in a significant global expansion of the company from its base in Hong Kong. In addition to his CIO role at citizenM, Nick holds strategic IT and advisory board positions at several hotel and hospitality technology companies. He is an inductee in the HFTP (Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals) Hall of Fame, and a co-founder and past-president of HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation). In late 2016, Nick was elected to the Board of Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP).

Articles by Nick Price (4)

Not your father's ERP

Hotel companies have been stuck for too long with an information systems architecture conceived well into the last century, and built around a notion of a Property Management System (PMS) at the center of everything that a hotel does or will do, writes NetSys Technology's Nick ...

Not your father's service bus

Introducing the Hotel Operating System, or Hotel OS. Coined here by citizenM's Nick Price, this cloud-based concept supersedes the old notions of a service bus, moving the PMS to the periphery as it provides the basis for consolidating fundamental information across dissimilar ...

Cloud 3.0

Fast or slow, confidently or haltingly, the hotel industry is moving onto the Cloud. But what is the Cloud exactly, and how is it changing? In this instructive and insightful article, Nick Price, CIO at citizenM, walks us through that company's recent decision making proces ...