Bob Rauch

President of RAR Hospitality

Bob RauchBob serves as CEO and President of RAR Hospitality. He is an internationally recognized hotelier with over 40 years of hospitality-related management experience. Recognized by his “hotel guru,” moniker, Bob shares insights and industry trends at He has held nearly every position in the hotel business including General Manager of full-service four Diamond hotels for Hilton and Embassy Suites. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration from Western International University and a master’s degree in Tourism Administration from Arizona State University. He is a Certified Hotel Administrator and has served as chairman of numerous tourism organizations nationally and locally (San Diego and Phoenix) and is editorial advisor and board member for CCR-Magazine and Destination Elite. Bob has been directly involved in developing several hotels including the Del Mar Marriott, Hilton Hotel Gaslamp Plaza, Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad, Hilton Hotel Santa Clara and several Marriott resort hotels. In addition to being the “Hotel Guru” he publishes Hospitality Innsights, an electronic newsletter and is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University where he teaches Hospitality Entrepreneurship.
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10 Travel Trends That Will Happen in 2022

Travel is making a new direction in 2022 and it’s important for hoteliers to continue adapting to the consumer changes for these travel predictions.

Travel Industry Has Reached a Turning Point

In September, I headed to the Lodging Conference in Phoenix with 1,900 attendees! It was a great conference and by the time you read this article, we will be in the fourth quarter of 2021 — the turning point, in my opinion, of the hospitality economy.

2022 Hospitality Industry Forecast

That’s easy – our hospitality forecast says the bumpy ride is coming to an end. We should assume 6 more months; October through March might remain uneven or bumpy. Why? Because business travel is not back and group business is just starting to book going forward.

The Road Ahead for Hotels in 2022 and Beyond

Before we jump into 2022 plans, please take the quick survey/debate above of how you view the business and feel free to opine on why. Answers will appear on and on the website.

Six Steps to Marketing Success in 2022

There are a great number of changes occurring in our industry that require monitoring and adjustments.
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