Thomas Magnuson

Co-Founder & CEO Magnuson Hotels

Thomas MagnusonThomas Magnuson co-founded Magnuson Hotels as a home based business with his wife Melissa in 2003. Today, Magnuson Hotels is a top 10 global hotel chain representing 1000 hotels across 3 continents. Headquartered in London UK and Spokane WA, Magnuson Hotels has become the fastest growing hotel brand in history, adding more new hotels in the last 10 years than 8 of the top 10 chains combined. Magnuson Hotels’ newly formed global alliance with Chinese operator Jin Jiang Hotels forms a consortium of over 6,000 hotels worldwide, equal to the size of a top 5 global hotel chain. Thomas Magnuson is a Graduate of Harvard Business School, Pepperdine University School of Business and Tufts University.
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Why UK hotel property owners need a CVA alternative

If it were a stable world, we would understand why UK hotel property owners would submit to the current CVA proposal.

Why putting your own twist on hotel design could increase customers

As an independent hotel, you're no doubt competing with large hotel chains for your slice of the market. If you're looking at ways to grow it can be tempting to emulate the style of chains in a bid to attract the customers that are heading there.

The areas where hoteliers can save money

If you're a hotelier looking to reduce your outgoings it can feel like an impossible task. If you choose the wrong areas to cut back on, the level of service you're offering customers is likely to be affected too, meaning your reputation will take a hit.

How to identify and deal with changes in primary demand

I previously told the story of how my wife, Melissa, and I transformed a struggling Western mining town—my hometown of Wallace, Idaho—into one of the world's leading destinations for snowmobilers.

How To CEO A Hotel Chain

Now that you know how to build your own hotel chain, let's talk about how to run it right. It is critical to understand that getting there and staying there are two vastly different things. You've developed a good product with clear brand positioning, and as CEO, you now need to develop and articulate the growth strategy.
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