Ryan Mark

Senior Project Manager at HVS Denver

Ryan MarkRyan Mark, a Senior Project Manager with HVS Denver, has performed consulting work on hundreds of existing and proposed assets throughout the Rocky Mountain region, including Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. During his tenure at HVS, Ryan has worked on an array of assets from small, owner-operated motels to complex, full-service mountain resorts. Before joining HVS, Ryan worked in various roles in housekeeping and front office management at the Hyatt Regency Denver and served as Assistant Manager of the hotel. During his time at the Hyatt, Ryan managed books and people and helped oversee a full renovation of the hotel’s 1,100 rooms, and he received Hyatt’s “Rising Star,” “Peak Performer,” and “Leadership Management” awards. Ryan earned his BS in Restaurant and Resort Management, with a minor in Business Administration, from Colorado State University.

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HVS Market Pulse – Salt Lake City, Utah

Occupancy within the Downtown submarket remained stable, consistently registering near the 70% mark, for the five years prior to the pandemic. Average daily rate (ADR) growth during that period was also consistent at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.

COVID-19’s Impact on Values

The hotel sector is most certainly managing its way through the trough of the current downcycle, and a tough winter lies ahead for the U.S. lodging industry, although brighter skies should emerge next year.

HVS Market Pulse: Gaylord Rockies – Impact on Denver Lodging Submarkets

With the recent opening of the massive Gaylord Rockies, many are wondering what the ultimate impact of the 1,501-room resort will have on the Denver, Front Range, and greater Colorado lodging market. We believe the impact will be largely positive.

HVS Market Pulse: Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah's capital and most populous city, dates its founding back to 1847. Since then, the city has realized a course of evolutions, some of which are currently underway. These include infrastructural developments such as pivotal transcontinental highways (earning Salt Lake City its designation as the Crossroads of the American West), ascension to the international stage through events such as the 2002 Winter Olympics, and hundreds of millions of dollars in business and commercial expansions, including the current planning for the city's northwest quadrant.