Youri Sawerschel

Founder of Creative Supply & Brand Strategist

Youri Sawerschel

Youri Sawerschel is a Branding Expert and Founder of Creative Supply, a strategic branding agency based in Zurich. Solicited for his creative thinking skills, Youri has been involved with projects focused on creating, launching and managing brands in Europe, China and the Middle-East. He has worked with brands as diverse as Kempinski Hotels, UBS, EPFL and Mondelez. Youri is also the author of dozens of articles on the topics of brand strategy and entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at ESSEC Business School in Paris and Geneva School of Business (HEG).

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Retail And Hospitality Convergence

Hospitality retail was once little more than a lobby corner shop and some display windows. But in recent years, hotels have started to see the marketing and revenue potential retail presents. When it launched in 2006, the Hoxton Hotel London's front desk, which doubles as a retail counter, was a pioneer.

Industry Dematerialisation

Every hotel outlet is now being disrupted by a digital equivalent. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for hoteliers. What services can hotels offer that digital upstarts can't?

Are brands becoming relevant again?

There is an inherent value in brands as a way of reassuring guests of a certain quality due to standards imposed by brands. Especially when going to an unknown location. While online reviews have helped independent hotels for some time it is hard to know what standards the reviewer had.

WeWork - the brand that redefined an industry

Office design is boring. The staid cubicles, the soulless open plan layouts, the bad coffee and grey walls that line thousands of offices around the world make for a poor research subject, unless your research has to do with decreased productivity and workplace alienation.

Casa Bonay, the next Ace hotel?

The hotel Casa Bonay, which opened in Barcelona, 2016, was founded by Inés Miró-Sans. But, in reality, the hotel is a collaboration between designers, artists, chefs, coffee roasters, architects, and more.
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