Binu Mathews

CEO at IDS Next

Binu MathewsBinu is a seasoned professional with more than two decades of unequaled proficiency in varied industries including manufacturing, hospitality and information technology. As the CEO, Binu aims to drive IDS Next towards achieving the ultimate goal – to become the global leader and most preferred hospitality technology vendor globally. His personal goal is to be a change agent for organizations that are ready for the next level of growth. Binu firmly believes in the power of collective effort and collaborative leadership. He always empowers his team and prompts his colleagues to bring in new ideas to the workplace. His forte has been with startups and turnarounds in technology companies in the emerging markets. He has also played leadership roles in managing operations in the Middle East and parts of Asia Pacific for one of the world’s largest hospitality technology companies for several years.

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The contactless guest journey is here to stay, or is it?

A study by Deloitte Digital found strong interest in contactless operations even before the pandemic, with 60% of guests preferring hotels with contactless check-in and keyless room entry.

Where does the PMS sit in the new technology stack?

The PMS has long since outlived its lifetime on the hotel technology stack. A traditional PMS spans check-in, check-out, room availability, rate management, billing and scheduling, housekeeping, and payment processing functions, unifying these core hotel functions.

Scrap the front desk – Can hotels operate without a physical front desk?

The front desk: the emblem of hospitality. For years and years, we have been walking into a hotel to greet smiling faces behind the familiar desk. However, as technology evolves and continues to tran.

Solving Labor Shortage Through Technology

With the prevalence of travel-hungry and tech-savvy millennials combined with the challenges from the pandemic, labour shortages have come to the forefront of concerns for hospitality organisations.

SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset?

The future of hospitality is undisputedly riddled with technological concerns, and the industry is shaped by millennial staff and guests who lived and breathed through a digital revolution.
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