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Simone PuortoSimone Puorto is a former hotel General Manager, consultant, author of three best-selling books on hotel marketing, MBA lecturer, and contributor for the major blogs in the industry. He is the founder and CEO of Travel Singularity, the consulting firm whose vision is to solve the growing needs for connecting the dots between digital disruption and change with the existing technology and processes in hotels. Over his career, spanning across over 20 years, he consulted for international hotel groups such as Divani Hotels Collection, Library Hotels Collection, and Louis Group (LUI), helped to consolidate the second-largest Italian hotels' chain, and he advised for several travel tech start-ups.

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The Future of Hotel Marketing: A Conversation with Tomorrow's Industry Leaders

Whenever I have some free time, I like helping out the "new blood" of the industry so, whenever students ask me to help them with their thesis, I am more than happy to do so. Yesterday, I had a long chat with Monica Gutierrez a bright student at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, working on a dissertation on the future of hotel marketing and the impact that AI will have in the industry over the next years.

Is Simplicity Best? Challenges And Opportunities Of Mainstream Open API Adoption

Hospitality is an ancient business, but a nuanced, almost oxymoronic one as well: the term derives from the Latin roots hospes/hostis, meaning (ironically enough) both guest, stranger, and enemy. In the French acceptation of the term, un hôtel is a building that provides care, rather than accommodation, and here is why semantically distant concepts such as HOSpital, HOSpitality, and HOStility, sound so phonetically similar.

Is Rate Parity Good Or Bad For Hoteliers?

Some industry professionals have declared rate parity "dead". Some European countries have de facto outlawed rate parity in recent years. Yet, all major hotel chains strictly enforce rate parity for all publicly available rate.

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