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Simone PuortoSimone Puorto is a former hotel General Manager, consultant, author of three best-selling books on hotel marketing, MBA lecturer, and contributor for the major blogs in the industry. He is the founder and CEO of Travel Singularity, the consulting firm whose vision is to solve the growing needs for connecting the dots between digital disruption and change with the existing technology and processes in hotels. Over his career, spanning across over 20 years, he consulted for international hotel groups such as Divani Hotels Collection, Library Hotels Collection, and Louis Group (LUI), helped to consolidate the second-largest Italian hotels' chain, and he advised for several travel tech start-ups.

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It Follows: What Is Really Going On With TripAdvisor?

If you work in travel, chances are you're not having the time of your life. Whether you're a hotelier, an OTA, a metasearch, or a web agency, I doubt you'll remember 2020 as a year worth exulting about.

How To Lie With COVID-19

"The death rate in the Navy during Spanish-American War," writes Darrell Huff in his classic, How to Lie with Statistics, "was nine per thousand. For civilians in New York City during the same period, it was sixteen per thousand.

A Post-Crisis Top-3 Digital Marketing Action Plan

Ever hear of a pendulum swing? Finally, revenue managers will have to become real digital marketers, versus simply playing with past data to formulate their plans. This is an exciting, brave new world! What I would like to see is AI-generated marketing programs that look OUTSIDE of travel history, but cross reference psycho-graphics, based upon buying patterns and habits.

The Lone Gunmen: What’s the Role of Donald Trump in the Travel Tech Space?

The most controversial news of the week went almost entirely unnoticed, covered under a plethora of COVID-19 articles: Donald Trump issued an order to block the sale of the cloud-based suite of hotel management solutions, StayNTouch, to Chinese Goliath, Shiji, on the ground of "national security.

Life Travels Through Us. “La Rossa” and COVID-19: What We Know So Far

"Life does not belong to us; it travels through us." - Niccolò Ammaniti, Anna. The Cases: There are currently 120,000 confirmed cases globally: 65,000 recovered and 4,000 fatalities. The recovery rate is over 50%, and the mortality rate a little under 4%.
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