Simone Puorto

Founder | CEO | Futurist


Simone Puorto boasts a career spanning over two and a half decades, during which he has established himself as a leading consultant for the travel and hospitality industry, a keynote speaker, and the author of a dozen books on marketing. His influence spans multiple domains, including business consulting and academic research. He is also known for organizing Polybius, a groundbreaking 24-hour event in the metaverse that redefined benchmarks in the travel industry.

Academically, Simone has earned accolades as an MBA lecturer at prestigious institutions such as ESSEC, Les Roches, Swiss Hotel Management School, 24ORE Business School, LUISS, and IMHI. His expertise is sought after in advisory roles for innovative companies, including, RobosizeME, KIRE, BWG Strategy, and GAIN.

In 2023, he co-founded Rebyū, a GPT start-up designed to automatically respond to hotel reviews while respecting the brand's style and tone. As a techno-philosopher, prolific writer, and podcaster, Simone also founded Travel Singularity, a consultancy at the intersection of technology and the travel industry, focusing particularly on the implications of Web3 for hospitality and the innovative roles of GenAI and spatial computing in tourism.

His most recent book, "We Are The Glitch," serves as a manual for hoteliers aiming to navigate the transition to what Simone terms "posthuman hospitality." This work emphasizes how artificial intelligence and machines can take on operational roles, allowing hoteliers to focus on the essence of their profession: caring for guests.

A vegetarian, anti-speciesist, crypto-anarchist, and biohacker, Simone is also recognized for his dedication to transhumanism and anti-deathism, animal rights, cyborg rights, and the ethical use of AI. An effective altruist and a scholar of Sōtō Zen Buddhism, he self-identifies as a "digital bodhisattva."

Since 2023, he has actively supported Shout 85258, a free and anonymous mental health support SMS service based in the United Kingdom.

He divides his time between Rome and Paris, working to shape the industry's future with innovative and sustainable solutions.

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