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How To Choose a POS System? 3 Easy Steps Every Restauranteur Needs

When choosing a POS system, there are three essential criteria the modern restaurant manager needs to be aware of before investing in one. The two POS types that exist - Legacy and Cloud - both deliver the same functions (to collect and calculate fiscal data), but each has important variations on how the data is stored, accessed and personalized.

What can POS data be used for?

With a view to making a business more successful, POS data shows how much revenue a restaurant is generating. Restaurant managers nowadays must be more than just connoisseurs of wine and food, they must also be able to read the wealth of a business through the data, most importantly, the POS data.

What is a POS system?

What is POS and why is it an important fiscal tool? Learn more about the different types, their functions and which one might suit you best.

Become A Pro: Data Analysis For Small F&B Businesses, Part 2

This is the continuation of the article 'Data analysis, learn the basics'. The rules of the game are still the same. The next three data-driven tactics have a higher degree of complexity to be applied.

Turn Data Into Success: Data Analysis For Small F&B Businesses, Part 1

Big data helps companies identify new opportunities in the realms of cost reduction, faster and better decision making, as well as in creating new products and services. In highly competitive industries where there is the need for quick decisions in order to stay competitive, the right set of technologies to analyze trends and business performance is crucial to staying ahead of the curve.
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