Fred DeMicco

Executive Director and Professor in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University

Fred DeMiccoFrederick J. DeMicco, Ph.D., RDN is the Executive Director and Professor in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University. Formerly he was Professor and the Aramark Endowed Chair in the Lerner College of Business & Economics in Hospitality Business Management at the University of Delaware. He was Associate Director in the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management (HRRM) at Penn State University, where he was Professor-in-Charge of the Hotel & Restaurant Management undergraduate program and also was the Professor- in Charge of the Master of Science and PhD graduate program for five years). He presently is a Conti Distinguished Professor at the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. DeMicco is the President of International Academics and the Dean of Business Executive and Professional Programs at the Learning Village in Tuscany (SIAF) Campus in Volterra, Tuscany – the home of Innovation and Imagineering. Dr. DeMicco was also a Darden Eminent Scholar Chair Visiting Professor to the University of Central Florida - Rosen College; the USF Sarasota- Manatee and Colorado State University and an Adjunct Professor in the Joseph R. Biden School of Public Policy & Administration, at the University of Delaware. Dr. Fred DeMicco has worked in Healthcare at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and at Walt Disney World in hotel management where he also obtained a Ductorate Degree from Disney University, Orlando.
Insights by Fred DeMicco (20)

Innovations for the Future of Senior Living: Hospitality Bridging Health (H2H)

A Pathways Discovery Hospitality Bridging Healthcare (H2H) panel was held at the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University exploring senior living and hotel/hospitality management.

Labor Shortages and Increasing Labor Costs Post-COVID-19: How Future Hospitality Businesses are Going to Thrive?

After tens of thousands of hotels and restaurants were suffering from shutting down due to the pandemic, the hospitality industry is finally beginning to rebound. However, the rebound is not proceeding smoothly as the revenue lost during the pandemic can never be recovered and the hospitality industry cannot find enough workers post-COVID.

Vaccine Passports: The Future Of Travel?

Vaccine "passports" show whether someone has been vaccinated or recently tested negative for COVID-19. A COVID "passport" would allow people to freely travel, attend concerts, or attend sporting events without getting tested.

Club Medic - Hotel Onsite Medical Clinic: Franchise Model for a Lodging Market Competitive Advantage

The Prontocare business model is designed to perform well during economic hardships as a recession-proof model. Regardless of the stock market or unemployment trends, people are always going to be in need of accessible healthcare that is also affordable and high quality.

Hotel and Hospitality R&D Innovations to Health(care): Hospitality Bridging Healthcare (H2H)

Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, ascribed to Hippocrates (400 BC), and used to emphasize the importance of food and nutrition to prevent or cure disease.
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