Sandy James

Director Of Business Development at Zoox Smart Data

Sandy JamesSandy James serves as Director of Business Development- North America for Zoox Smart Data, a leading international provider of big data customer profile technology that monetizes existing Wi-Fi networks while providing the latest in personalized service. Sandy has more than 30 years of experience in working with information technology and has industry-proven expertise in technical analysis, product development, strategic planning and client relations. Sandy forms an essential part of Zoox’s global leadership team with her in-depth knowledge of serving the big data needs for several vertical markets, including travel, hospitality, retail, casino and healthcare industries.
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Unlocking Guest Loyalty with Smart Data Technology: A Hotelier’s Guide

As the hospitality industry continues to recover from the pandemic, guest loyalty has become an increasingly important topic among industry professionals today. Driving higher loyalty undeniably boosts a property’s bottom line; in fact, studies have found that generating a new customer was five to 25 times more expensive than retaining a current customer, and increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increasing profits from anywhere between 25 percent to 95 percent.

Rebuilding Hotel Profits: How The Road To Recovery Begins With Guest Personalization And An Effective Smart Data Strategy

In recent years, big data has grown to become an indispensable asset for virtually any type of business, regardless of industry or customer demographic. But for hospitality in particular, big data has taken on a greater importance as industry professionals search for new ways to provide the ultimate guest stay experience.

Maximizing Airport Revenues in the Era of Smart Data Technology and Experience Personalization

Cancelled flights, record lows for both international and domestic travel, longer wait times due to enhanced cleaning regulations — these are just a few of the hardships shared by airports around the world since the beginning of the global pandemic.