Melissa Rodrigues

Senior Content & Communications Manager

Melissa RodriguesMelissa Rodrigues is the Senior Content & Communications Manager at Guestcentric Systems - a leading provider of cloud-based solutions to help Hotels promote their brand & drive direct bookings.

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Hotel Technology - 6 Steps To Upskill Your Workforce

As the appetite for travel increases, yet continues to be challenged by rapidly-changing market conditions, consumers are more demanding than ever. It’s vital that every step of the customer experience is optimized, from online search to pre-booking, to check-out, and beyond.

Travel Demand is Back - Is Tourism Ready?

When travel will recover is no longer a question of consumer demand, but when restrictions will be lifted. In the US, vaccination is progressing at a swift pace, with most states fully reopened for business and hotel bookings exceeding 2019 values.

10 Hotel Trends to Watch in 2021

Guestcentric's CEO Pedro Colaco shares what is expected to be the top 10 Hotel Trends to Watch in 2021. 2020 was a year unlike any other for the worldwide Hotel industry. While the industry has been significantly impacted as a result, the downturn has also given Hoteliers the opportunity to rethink and reset their sales and marketing strategies for 2021.