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Travel Tech EMEA 2021 Second Edition-Virtual


Berlin, Germany

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Travel Tech

Travel Tech, the largest educational event worldwide, 100 % online and free, for the tourism trade (Hospitality, Travel, Destinations and Tourism) is proud to announce its fourth event of the 2021 schedule: TRAVEL TECH EMEA Second Edition, taking place online from November 22 thru 25, 2021.

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Travel Tech's mission is to empower industry professionals with education. Teach them through the speakers of the most important tech companies in the world, how they can use technological tools to improve their profitability, to improve the customer experience and accompany them in the travel process, new paradigm of smart destination, what are the tech trends of the tourism market, application of Artificial Intelligence, etc.

You can find the event schedule in the following link:


Sales pitching

Travel Tech EMEA will feature expert speakers from top travel technology companies, including RMS Cloud, Expedia, Infor, The Hotels Network, ReviewPro, Lybra, iDeaS, YieldPlanet, RateTiger, Profitroom, Roiback, Hub Os, RM Hub, Simplotel, Bookassist, BookOnlineNow, HS Latam, RevAmp and many others, to share specific educational knowledge to our trade and actionable strategies to help hotels, tourism companies and tourist destinations.

At this edition of Travel Tech EMEA we will have exclusive panels talking about of Operations, Distribution, AI, Digital Marketing, Guest experience, Revenue Management Strategies, Reputation Management among many other topics.

All the people who attend the Masterclasses will receive a Certificate of Excellence from Travel Tech, to recognize the knowledge and expertise that they've been the recipient of during the 4 days of the event - an important recognition to add to your CV/resume or to share on your LinkedIn.

Agenda of the event

FORUM 1: On November 22nd, 2021, 12h CET - Hotel Operations/ Tech Trends/ How to engage guests with hotel sustainability tools?

  • Calum McIndoe - Director of Hospitality Sales UK at Infor
  • Alex Ridaura - Founder & CEO at Hub OS
  • Zunaid Valli - Managing Director UK & Europe RMS Cloud
  • Krishan Kadodwala - Director of market manager Expedia Group
  • Jonatan Joseph Tsuff - Director at Hotel Connect
  • José Antonio Núñez - Director of business development for South Europe SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources

FORUM 2: On November 22nd, 2021 at 16h CET- On November 23th, 2021, at 12h CET - How to improve your hotel direct sales using digital marketing + social media + ADS

  • Theodoros Katsimpras - COO - Bookonlinenow - World Class Booking Engine
  • Hajnalka Krizsany - Business Development Manager- Bookassist
  • Fiona Gillen - VP of Marketing - The Hotels Network
  • Richard Cottrell - Commercial Director - Sojern

FORUM 3: On November 23th 2021, at 16h CET- How AI impacts on your hotel distribution strategy?

  • Pedro Gomes - Regional Manager Portugal - ROIBACK
  • Tarun Goyal - Founder & CEO - SIMPLOTEL
  • Claudio Limacher - CEO - YIELDPLANET
  • James Bishop - Senior Director, Global Ecosystem - SITEMINDER
  • Jolanta Bonter-Zmidzinska - Business Development Manager - PROFITROOM

FORUM 4: On November 24th, 2021, at 12h CET- Revenue Management Strategies. How pricing your hotel on the current situation in EMEA

  • Vasilis Georgiadis - Client Training Specialist - IDEAS
  • Fulvio Gianneti - CEO - LYBRA
  • Rita Silva - Cluster Revenue Manager - RM HUB
  • James Robson - Customer Success Manager - INFOR
  • Jochen De Peuter - Managing Director - REVAMP
  • Jóel Sigurðsson - CBDO - GODO

FORUM 5: On November 24th, 2021, at 16h CET- The future of guest communications, how it's going to be? Guests experience and Reputation management.

  • Danica Smith - Director of Product Engagement - REVIEW PRO
  • Erick Tengen - Co Founder - OAKY
  • David Byrne - Director of Sales - ASK SUITE
  • Chris Alexandre - Founder & CEO - GuestRevu
  • Ramona Cioba - Sales and customer success manager - iTranslate
  • Deepak Mavinkurve - CEO & Founder- Kepsla

SALES PITCHING SESSION: November 25th, 2021, at 10h CET: Infor, Profitroom, iDeaS, The Hotels Network, BookOnlineNow, YieldPlanet, Lybra, Roiback, Bookassist, Hub Os, RM Hub, Expedia, RevAmp, ReviewPro, RMS Cloud

Travel Tech EMEA 2021 Second Edition-Virtual is organized by Travel Tech 2021