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External Article10 October 2017

The Most Rewarding Hotel Loyalty Programs In 2017

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New data compiled last week suggests that Wyndham may have the most rewarding loyalty program in the American hotel industry. On average, Wyndham Rewards returns 16.7% in value on every dollar spent on a room booking, nearly twice as much as Marriott Rewards, the second-ranked program in the study which was published by the Ideaworks Company.

Ideaworks used a unique calculation to evaluate the most rewarding hotel loyalty program. In short, the study took the number of points earned on an average hotel booking and determined how that payback could be applied to a portion of a future booking. In Wyndham's case, for example, an average of 16.7% of each hotel night booked could be used for a future stay. Put another way, a $100/night room at a Wyndham property would result in $16.70 of credit towards another room -- or it would take 5.9 stays for an average member of Wyndham Rewards to earn an additional free night.

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