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Supplier News30 May 2018

Heritage Hotels and Resorts Uses Whistle To Connect With Guests in Real-Time

Whistle provides next-level guest satisfaction for hotel guests

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Whistle TM

Since adopting Whistle, Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Inc. (HHR) has been continuously commended by clients and guests for their excellent standards of communication. HHR has effectively reduced call volume to their front desks and increased overall communication with guests throughout their journey. They have been able to elevate the guest experience on-property, and cater to the guest's preferential method of interaction.

With Whistle Surveys, Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Inc. (HHR) has been able to effectively gauge guest satisfaction prior to departure, and their likelihood to return. It has been easy to proactively identify and address any service concerns or guest dissatisfaction, resulting in a positive impact on online scores and loyalty. Using Surveys, HHR now uncovers feedback that would have otherwise gone unshared. In-fact, detailed analysis showed that the majority of unhappy guests had not previously shared or expressed their concerns. Overall, HHR predominantly received praise from their guests, and are now able to further celebrate the exceptional service provided by their team members.

"We are very pleased with the guest service opportunities that Whistle has provided Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Inc., and for the continued partnership in use-case discovery," says Courtney Padilla, Corporate Director of Heritage University.

Read more here on how Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Inc. has been able to effectively gauge in-stay guest satisfaction and how it has resulted in a positive impact on guest service scores.

About Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Inc.

Founded by Jim Long in 2005, Heritage Hotels & Resorts is a collection of culturally distinct hotels in New Mexico and is the largest independent hotel brand in New Mexico. Through their architecture, interior design, landscaping, cuisine, art, entertainment and music, Heritage Hotels & Resorts provides guests with a very rich, authentic, cultural experience. Each Heritage Hotel donates a percentage of its revenue to cultural causes. The company and its affiliate companies provide over 3,000 jobs in New Mexico.

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About Whistle Messaging, Inc.

At Whistle, we believe there is a better way to run your hotel. A more efficient, less invasive way where guests are engaged from booking through departure. We're passionate about what we do, and our mission is to help hotels achieve it. We focus on bridging the gap between your guests and your team, simplifying the experience for everyone involved. Through our software, Whistle's goal is to become the digital front desk for your hotel, reducing the workload of your staff while elevating the guest experience.

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