Maastricht, The Netherlands - It's already four weeks ago that HITEC Minneapolis took place at the Minneapolis Convention Center. HospitalityNet has been talking about the new and innovative products which were on display at the show over these last four weeks. Below you can find a recap of the technolgy stack innovations. The last part, part 4, will follow later this week, so stay tuned!

The Hapi Data Integration Platform

Hapi is a data streaming, integration and enrichment platform for Hospitality. Hapi is designed from the ground up to make it easier for Hoteliers to share their hotel data with hospitality solution providers safely and securely, with the goal of elevating the guest experience. Always keeping control firmly in the hands of the hotelier.

For Partners, we serve as a faster way to serve the hotel marketplace. Partners can easily create connectors to the Hapi platform and be connected to a growing catalog of PMS systems such as Oracle Opera and Infor HMS. Since Hapi normalizes PMS data into a single Data Model, partner solution providers only have to write one integration as opposed to building point-to-point integrations with the many hundreds of PMS systems in the world.

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HAPI (Data Travel, LLC) at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality NetHAPI (Data Travel, LLC) at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net
HAPI (Data Travel, LLC) at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net

Jonas ARC

The foundation behind the Jonas Hospitality solutions, Jonas ARC is the integration platform that provides connectivity across the Jonas Hospitality ecosystem.

The ARC platform simplifies integration, providing an open API approach and enabling seamless connectivity through a wide-array of protocols and broad support for industry standard messaging. The platform architecture is designed from ground up to be reliable, scalable and flexible connecting all your disparate systems with simplicity yet sophistication.

Jonas Hospitality at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality NetJonas Hospitality at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net
Jonas Hospitality at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net

iStatus® Network Performance Monitoring

Hotel networks today have become increasingly complex and support countless operations such as reservation systems, revenue management software, PMSs, and card processors. Monitoring all of these aspects is logistically challenging, expensive, and requires around-the-clock management. iStatus® solves these management challenges with revolutionary AI technology to give coveted insight into any hotel network with one simple dashboard. iStatus basic functionality provides 24/7 network monitoring, reporting, push notifications, email alerts, and ConnectionValidation™ to validate Internet connectivity status and allow hotels to stay ahead of IT problems before guests are affected.

With iStatus Network Performance Monitoring (NPM), an add-on license for iStatus, Thinix delivers massive savings for hotels to gain simplified network insight for GMs, IT staff, and CEOs. NPM reporting also provides historical and periodical analysis of network performance issues. With this reporting, C-suite executives are setting hotel standards, measuring performance, and building initiatives to bring the locations that are underperforming up to desired compliance. With the power to monitor up to 10 network targets, NPM helps daily operations and guest-facing transactions run smoothly. Hotels can monitor IoT devices, cloud-based applications, APIs, and any LAN/WAN network target via PING/HTTP/HTTPS. Hotels are using NPM to monitor guest WiFi for bandwidth sufficiency and congestion to dramatically improve the guest experience and reduce negative hotel WiFi reviews. NPM gives hotels a competitive edge and is changing the game for guest satisfaction.

Team Thinix at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality NetTeam Thinix at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net
Team Thinix at HITEC Minneapolis— Photo by Hospitality Net

myPerspective by myDigitalOffice

The cloud, big data, AI and automation are revolutionizing industries around the world, including hospitality. Yet, hospitality executives are still short on time, overloaded with information and reliant on cobbling together a plethora of disparate legacy systems to understand their full hotel portfolio. The myPerspective all-in-one business dashboard and data visualization tool surfaces critical patterns, trends and correlations in hotel portfolio data. It automates data collection and visualizes it to allow for actionable insights. With myPerspective, hoteliers spend more time growing their portfolio.

myPerspective by myDigitalOffice— Photo by Hospitality NetmyPerspective by myDigitalOffice— Photo by Hospitality Net
myPerspective by myDigitalOffice— Photo by Hospitality Net

Entrepreneur 20X

CONGRATULATIONS to TraknProtect for winning the E20X Judge's Choice Award!

CONGRATULATIONS to SABA Hospitality Technology Solutions for winning the E20X People's Choice Award!

THANK YOU to all the other startups for participating!

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