dailypoint™ and MEWS systems, provider of a modern, intuitive, open, cloud-based property management software (PMS), have today announced a technology integration to enable MEWS customer base to connect into cloud-based dailypoint™ CRM and Central Data Management software.

With dailypoint™ MEWS customers can exchange and centralize all important data sources of the hotel and create automatically a company-wide central profile for each guest. With the integrated Data Laundry and its patent pending cleansing functionalities MEWS users get a clean guest profile enriched by artificial intelligence to create interests and guest preferences based on the ever-growing amount of data like the hotel website, email newsletter, guest questionnaires, PMS and many others.

The main focus of this technology integration is:
- Create one central profile above all existing Systems
- Deep data exchange with MEWS to offer a more personalized guest experience
- Cover GDPR processes above property with the dailypoint™ Privacy Dashboard.

Detailed information about the dailypoint-Mews-Interface:
- Cloudbased
- Json Programming
- Https-Security
- 2-way Interface
- Direct Link between Mews and dailypoint™
- Cleansing of data in the PMS
- Real-time

"dailypoint™ is the leading data consolidation platform for a strategic Central Data Management. Only through our patented processes hoteliers are able to benefit from the ever-growing amount of data. With the integrated modules the cooperation between MEWS and dailypoint offers hoteliers a one-stop solution for a better guest service, CRM, Loyalty or Analytics to improve all areas of the business," said Dr. Michael Toedt, Chief Executive Officer, at dailypoint™.

"dailypoint has always impressed us with their holistic view of hotel data collection and enrichment, and this is a key reason our products work so well together. Mews commitment to the new hospitality platform has been matched by dailypoint, as today's successful integration demonstrates. The vendor-neutral future for our shared hoteltechnology starts here, with this innovative collaboration" said Eva Fayemi Partnerships Manager of Mews.

The integration via MEWS allows dailypoint™ to connect to otherwise disparate PMS and other data sources, offering different functionality through a standardised interface. So if a client is using the Mews Commander PMS they can take immediate advantage of dailypoint' s offering including its solutions like the dailypoint360° Central Data Management and CRM solution. Both come with a Privacy Dashboard as an important step towards GDPR compliance.

About MEWS systems

Mews makes modern, intuitive, cloud-based property management software that helps hotels, hostels and apartment groups automate their operations so that they can focus on their guests. The company was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur and former hotelier Richard Valtr, whose frustration with the inadequacies of existing hotel software systems drove him to design and build his own platform, with user experience at its core. It's rapidly-expanding team now counts more than 250 employees, and there are today over 1.000 active subscribers using Mews in 49 different countries. Mews has offices located in Paris, London, Barcelona, Sydney, Amsterdam, Munich and Prague and is planning to expand. Find out more at www.mewssystems.com

About dailypoint

dailypoint™ is a leading Data Management and CRM platform for the hospitality industry, offering a sophisticated solution that aggregates data from various sources into a unified guest profile. Utilizing AI, it processes data through 350 steps to create the Golden Record, a central guest information repository for personalized service throughout all hotel tech systems.
This cloud-based SaaS solution comprises 16 modules and is supported by the dailypoint™ Marketplace with over 200 partners, aiming to enhance the customer journey and improve operational efficiency across hotel departments.
It includes a Privacy Dashboard for GDPR compliance, highlighting its commitment to data protection.
Headquartered in Munich, Germany, and with offices in the UAE and the US, dailypoint's global presence is bolstered by a network of sales and distribution partners.
Its excellence in redefining hospitality data management and customer engagement was recognized when it was named the preferred CRM partner by The Leading Hotels of the World in Fall 2023.

For more information visit dailypoint.com.