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External Article19 March 2020

Expedia Vice Chairman Tells Employees It’s Time to Focus and Help Our Travel Partners

There will be a reckoning and perhaps a reordering of the competitive landscape once the coronavirus crisis fades. Meanwhile, companies such as Expedia Group know they need to have extreme focus to dig out of the mess.

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In an internal letter to employees, Expedia Group Vice Chairman Peter Kern told staff to set aside any projects that don't contribute to meeting the company's immediate needs and exhorted employees to help travel partners find business anywhere they can.

"If you're wondering how we might help our travel partners survive all this, well, our travel partners need whatever business they can find," Kern wrote in a message to employees on Monday that was obtained by Skift. "So if there is travel going on out there, we need to find it and book it for them."

Although Kern advocates that Expedia staffers find travel to book for the benefit of travel partners, some destinations, such as Florida, are being criticized for not taking stronger action against travel.

Kern's March 16 letter to employees, along with another one signed by Expedia Group Chairman and senior executive Barry Diller, Kern and the leadership team that went out to employees March 12 are embedded below.

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