Hospitality Net has created another curated list of the most read how-to articles to help you navigate the coronavirus disruption.

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1. Covid-19: How The Hospitality Industry Can Find A Way Through — By Gareth Ogden

The hospitality industry has been one of the sectors most badly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Across the UK, all pubs, bars and restaurants have had to close their doors and shut up shop, in order to abide by the unprecedented measures ordered by the Government.

2. Shuffled Not Shaken Out: How Hotel Giants Will Handle All Those Brands Post-Coronavirus

Coronavirus travel fears have temporarily shuttered many hotels around the world. But when those doors reopen, the trend of rampant hotel brand expansion seen in recent years may take on a different look.

3. How the Hotel Industry Will Bounce Back After COVID-19

The resiliency of the hotel industry will help it rebound as the effects of the coronavirus ebb, according to GlobalData, a data and analytics firm.

4. Coronavirus, Work Flexibility, and Mindsets: How do you Like Working From Home Now? — By Sowon Kim and Valentine Lunel

The Covid-19 crisis has thrown SMEs, which account for 99% of companies in Switzerland, into a state of emergency. In response, the Swiss government released a Covid-19 Credit of CHF 20 billion for SMEs: up to CHF 500,000 per company with 0% interest rate. The pandemic has also accelerated digitalization (F&B delivery services, well-being goes digital), compelled people to make donations(Swiss Solidarity's "Coronavirus Campaign", Roger Federer's CHF 1 million pledge for the country's most vulnerable families), reduced theft rates (97% less at Geneva airport) and, due to safety and health reasons, has put many employees in work-flexibility mode, forcing them to become more agile and resilient.

5. How to Lead a Team During Periods of Crisis and Uncertainty — By Prince A. Sanders

There's always a given amount of uncertainty leaders have to deal with on any given day, month, or year. However, these levels of uncertainty are being pushed higher than ever due to the impacts of our current health crisis. During times of stress, we tend to look to our leaders for guidance and reassurance. So, if you're leading a group of people, here's what you can do to help your team members navigate through this time of uncertainty.

6. How The Airline Industry Will Transform Itself As It Comes Back From Coronavirus

The world's commercial airlines and other aviation businesses face significant financial stress and perhaps bankruptcy in the coming months from the unprecedented, unexpected, and broad shutdown of travel due to the rapid spread of Covid-19. Airlines in most regions only have two to three months of cash to cover their operations, according to IATA, but this hides huge variation in the financial strength of individual carriers.

7. Flexibility With Accountability - How to transition quickly and seamlessly to working from home — By Anne Bleeker

As vital Covid-19 measures, including social distancing to #FlattenTheCurve, have been introduced around the world, millions of employees (and students) will work from home for the time being.

8. Here's How Uber's CEO Sees a Coronavirus Recovery Playing Out

rguably, no company has its finger on the pulse of the global economy like Uber (NYSE:UBER) does. The ridesharing giant operates in most of the world, and its business ferrying passengers to places like work, back home after a night out, or to the airport is highly correlated with the health of the global economy.

9. How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Wine Industry — By Olivier Staub

As the Coronavirus has continued to spread rapidly, the full scale of the risk to the global economy has hit markets with rarely seen violence: the speed of the sell-off in equities and "risky" asset classes has only been matched by the rise in price of safe haven assets such as US government bonds or Gold.

10. CURATE PRESENTS: How to Be a Hospitality Marketing Leader During COVID-19

Continuing our series of interviews with HSMAI Lifetime Achievement honorees — with a coronavirus-inspired focus on "Leadership in Changing Times," the planned theme of our now-canceled Spring Curate 2020 event — we recently talked to Leland Pillsbury, recipient of HSMAI's Albert E. Koehl Award for Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Marketing. Today a managing director with Thayer Ventures and a board member for companies such as ADARA, which provides travel intelligence solutions, Pillsbury spent much of his career with Marriott, where he rose to the position of executive vice president in charge of product development and strategy.

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