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Supplier News11 May 2020

Virtual TV Remote Control launched by Otrum

No need to touch the in-room TV or remote control!

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Hotel TV remotes are known to be an infection contamination risk, as they are used by multiple people over a short time span and are difficult to sanitise. As the hospitality industry eagerly awaits the return of guests, Otrum has prioritised COVID-19 initiatives to keep your guests safer.

Following the recent launch of the TV Checkout service, Otrum is delighted to announce the launch of a Virtual Remote Control for hotel TV solutions. The Virtual Remote Control reduces exposure to potentially contaminated surface areas and encourages use of in-room interactive services.

The guest simply uses their smart device to scan a unique QR code from the in-room TV, this launches a web based remote control on their phone or tablet. The Otrum Virtual Remote Control allows the guest to navigate TV channels and menus with an intuitive and responsive interface and is compatible with all current Otrum platforms, including the fully hosted Otrum CTRL solution.

The Virtual Remote Control is automatically disabled on guest checkout.

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