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Supplier News15 June 2020

Koddi Issues Whitepaper on Travel Industry Recovery

The Road to Recovery Whitepaper Gives Hoteliers a Guide to Identify and Navigate Post-Pandemic Opportunities

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Fort Worth, TXKoddi, a leading marketing technology company for the travel and hospitality industries, has released a new whitepaper - The Road to Recovery. The whitepaper provides hotel brands, property owners, and hotel marketers with guidance on how to prepare, execute, and manage advertising programs as the travel industry plans its recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every hotelier's experience during the pandemic has been different, but just about everyone has faced cancellations and reductions in demand, causing most to reduce or suspend advertising activity. Koddi's whitepaper allows properties to anticipate the steps they need to take as travel bans are starting to lift to refine operations and evaluate opportunities through a new lens as demand increases.

Koddi's whitepaper addresses the following ways hoteliers anticipate recovery:

  • Assessing Signs of Recovery: What demand can hotelier's quickly capitalize on and how data can help identify future customers? Koddi breaks this down into five different categories of recovery to help aid reactivation decisions.
  • Defining Goals: How the prioritization of channels can be leveraged and to what extent depending on the recovery strategy. Deciding on the right channel mix for your business will be about striking the right balance between volume/efficiency and incrementality. Should hotels maximize bookings based on existing demand or drive demand by shifting share away from your competitors? Based on the property goals, the proper activations can be used to reinforce business objectives.
  • Channel Prioritization: How to re-engage an audience through channel reactivation and to prioritize which channels are phased back will be critical. The whitepaper provides properties guidance on metasearch, sponsored placements, paid search, display, and social ad s for reactivation strategy.
  • Regional Demand Insights: The expectation of domestic and international demand based on data from Koddi, especially in domestic travel. The whitepaper shares graphs from APAC, Europe, and the United States with the projected recovery rates as many countries are starting to see an uptick in hotel searches at different times of recovery.

"We wanted to give our customers and the industry a smart, robust guide to help them navigate through COVID-19 recovery period," said Nicholas Ward, President of Koddi. "Everyone will experience the recovery in a different way and in a different time, but we feel this playbook has many commonalities that can be fully leveraged for all hoteliers alike."

The whitepaper will be available to download here.

Kyle Kuhnel
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