Amsterdam - Ireckonu continues to build on its trademarked "Guest Experience Framework" as they implement three new product features to the IKnowU product stack - Guest Engagement App, Subscription Center, and RFM+.

To eliminate the dated process of printing out arrival and departure lists, the Guest Engagement App provides front-of-house staff members with a digital, real-time overview of all guests arriving, checked-in, and checking-out of the hotel. Equipped with updated preferences, loyalty status, and even estimated arrival time, staff members can view the Guest Engagement App on a tablet and quickly recognize loyal members and seamlessly update guest preferences on the fly.

Utilizing IKnowU's golden copy of a guest profile, the Subscription Center seamlessly enables the centralization of a guest's opt-in and opt-out requests. When it receives updates of opt-in/out preferences of a guest, it automatically updates connected systems with the relevant selection - like PMS, Email Marketing, CRM, etc. Hoteliers can now effectively send marketing campaigns and incentives to guests that have a genuine interest in their products.

Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) are the three facets of Ireckonu's RFM+, enabling hotel groups to customize and calculate tiers for their loyalty programs. As opposed to tracking loyalty status with a single, pre-determined dimension, RFM+ lets hoteliers use their personalized dimensions to track and update a guest's loyalty member status. The "+" in RFM+ adds two new out-of-the-box dimensions: clients can rank their guests on both the number of nights spent, as well as the number of hotels stayed at (within a group).

"We saw a great opportunity to strengthen IKnowUs capabilities for both guests and hoteliers", says Ireckonu CEO, Jan Jaap van Roon. "These new features of our Framework will further enhance a hotelier's ability to personalize the guest's experience while providing a more 'at home' feel during their stays."

About Ireckonu

Ireckonu offers a Guest Experience Framework known as the Ireckonu Middleware. This interactive solution uses microservices and business logic to enable and manage the seamless flow of data between on-premises and above-property systems.

Ireckonu's middleware products (IRECKONU Core, IKnowU, IConnectU, Kiosk Checkin, Reporting) provide top of the line data optimization and vastly increase the quality and quantity of accessible data from third-party integrations, both on-premises, and above-property. Ireckonu also allows for the monitoring of third-party integrations and consolidation of data across siloed databases. Its naturally formed "data warehouse" provides the ability to access enriched information for analysis and optimized reporting - including systems, bookings, reservations, and guest profiles.

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Hanna Schiller
VP of Product