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Supplier News 1 July 2020

Ireckonu: Hospitality’s First Customer Data Platform (CDP)

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Amsterdam - Ireckonu solidifies itself as hospitality's premiere Customer Data Platform.

Ireckonu has continuously showcased their Guest Experience Framework as a Middleware platform that enables true guest experience. "Once we did the research [into CDPs], we realized that a majority - if not all - of our product stack already encompasses all of the things that a CDP should do," says Hanna Schiller, VP of Product.

Customer Data Platforms have been highlighted in tech articles and publications as the key to true guest personalization. A CDP gathers and consolidates a limitless range of integrated data, combining a mix of operational and behavioral insights so marketing teams can proactively provide unique guest experiences.

While some aspects sound similar to a traditional hotel CRM, Ovum defines CDP as "…the digital nervous system for real-time, personalized, multichannel marketing and customer engagement." To be an official CDP, your platform must be able to: 

  • Capture data from all sources 
  • Retain full detail of data 
  • Make data persistent 
  • Create unified profiles 
  • Integrate data into any system

With partners like citizenM Hotels and Reverb by Hard Rock, Ireckonu has successfully consolidated and centralized a vast amount of hotel and guest data across entire hotel chains.

"We've built the foundation: a GDPR-complaint unified profile, with reliable activation of every business system that interacts with the customer's journey," adds Jan Jaap van Roon, CEO, and Founder of Ireckonu. "We're thrilled to see Gartner and Ovum highlight the value of Customer Data Platforms because that has been the vision of our Guest Experience Framework since we started in 2014."

About Ireckonu

Ireckonu offers a Guest Experience Framework known as the Ireckonu Middleware. This interactive solution uses microservices and business logic to enable and manage the seamless flow of data between on-premises and above-property systems.

Ireckonu's middleware products (IRECKONU Core, IKnowU, IConnectU, Kiosk Checkin, Reporting) provide top of the line data optimization and vastly increase the quality and quantity of accessible data from third-party integrations, both on-premises, and above-property. Ireckonu also allows for the monitoring of third-party integrations and consolidation of data across siloed databases. Its naturally formed "data warehouse" provides the ability to access enriched information for analysis and optimized reporting - including systems, bookings, reservations, and guest profiles.

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