NASHVILLE, TN - Groups360™, a leading online marketplace for meetings, today announced the release of new product enhancements to GroupSync™, the first truly transparent and efficient online platform for searching, sourcing and booking venues and hotel rooms across a wide selection of brands. Among these enhancements is the addition of social distancing metrics within GroupSync's proprietary space calculator.

The GroupSync space calculator stands apart for its simplicity and ease of use and also because the sourcing algorithm then eliminates all hotel properties that can't physically accommodate a group. Event planners now have the added ability to factor in social distancing into meeting space calculations by selecting between two options.

When Moderate Capacity Reduction is selected, the amount of square footage needed per person is increased by 30% on average. When Significant Capacity Reduction is selected, the amount of square footage needed per person is increased by 50% on average. Additional functionality for the space calculator will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

"Just because restrictions are relaxing doesn't mean that event professionals shouldn't consider recommendations defined by local and federal health officials," said Brian Hines, product manager. "Allowing planners to adjust space requirements based on social distancing increases confidence for all parties involved in the safety of an event — planners, attendees and hotel professionals alike."

Meeting professionals also have access to the following new features:

  • New URL for all users,, will give both event planners and hoteliers the same GroupSync login experience.
  • User profiles allow meeting professionals to upload essential information and preferences to streamline workflow and auto-populate RFPs.
  • In-app release notes, powered by Beamer, update users to important changes to the platform.
  • Hotel closures feature allows hotel managers to indicate when their properties will be closed temporarily for a certain season, construction or renovations, or the current COVID-19 crisis, as well as whether they are currently accepting RFPs.
  • UI and branding enhancements provide a cleaner and more cohesive design throughout GroupSync.

"Product development is key to bringing the Groups360 mission to life, which is to make booking group business simple," said Kemp Gallineau, CEO. "This list of new features and improvements is part of our ongoing commitment to developing the most powerful solutions for the entire event life cycle, from sourcing through registration."

GroupSync is available at no cost to qualified meeting planners. To learn more, visit

About Groups360

Groups360 was created with a singular goal — to empower meeting planners by bringing innovation, transparency and simplicity to the decades-old problem of booking groups. The company's integrated technology solution, GroupSync™, enables suppliers to distribute inventory, engage with planners, and optimize group revenue. GroupSync also equips planners to search and shop hotels worldwide and to book rooms and space directly, online or through a simplified RFP process. GroupSync is the first distribution channel to offer online booking for both group hotel roomsandmeeting space.

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Hal Hassall
Vice President of Marketing