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External Article23 September 2020

World Tourism Day: How digital skills can support recovery

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After months of isolation while living in quarantine, travel is the leisure activity that I miss the most. And I'm not alone. Our research, conducted with the Boston Consulting Group, shows that 31 percent of people hope to plan leisure travel once they feel safe enough to do so.

World Tourism day is coming up on September 27, and Search trends show that people have the travel bug: In June, the top three travel-related Search queries were: "When can we travel again?" "When will international travel resume?" and "When will it be safe to travel again?" In August, the top queries were related to where and when people can travel "right now." In fact, 45 percent of the top 100 questions related to travel focused on the impact of COVID-19 and the desire to travel as safely and as soon as possible.

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