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External Article19 November 2020

A 'COVID-free' flight just landed in London. CNN's Richard Quest was on board

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(CNN) — A transatlantic passenger flight that, even in the age of Covid-19, feels safe -- United Airlines flight 14 from Newark which landed at Heathrow Airport early on Tuesday seemed to be exactly that.

The flight is the first in a four-week trial by the airline in which passengers and crew are tested before boarding, offering them the reassurance that – at least at time of take off – no one has the virus.

United wants to demonstrate that proper onboard testing could allow transatlantic travel to open back up again, reducing or eliminating the need for quarantine and reigniting the travel industry.

So how does it work? I was one of 36 passengers aboard the inaugural overnight flight to Heathrow to experience the process. Here's what happened:

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