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Podcast20 November 2020

Hospitality Unsettled Podcast: Business Development, E-sports and Hospitality

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Hospitality Unsettled

"Gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world. Which might sound crazy if you look at the film and the music industry, but the gaming industry actually dwarfs both of them."

This quote, in combination with a viewpoint on the growing size of the gaming industry, the E-sports scene and the opportunities that lie within it for triple A-brands. This podcast also includes the personal story of business developer and gamer Marc Regeur who answered the questions: how gaming can help a business reach the demographic of people aged between 15 and 35? and why this industry has seen such tremendous growth? If you are curious, then listen to this episode of the Hospitality Unsettled podcast—Starring Business Developer at Blizzard Entertainment and Alumni of Hotelschool The Hague Marc Regeur.

Blizzard Entertainment:

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