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Press Release 9 December 2020

Timeline - The History Of Hotel & Travel Technology

A infographic co-created with Shiji Group and Hotelschool The Hague

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The complexity of the hotel and travel technology ecosystem runs deep. This diagram shows how technology has evolved throughout the industrial revolution until today, a timeline starting as early as 1760. Innovations of the past have been driven through crises. As we are facing today's COVID-19 crisis we eagerly anticipate what innovations will come this time.

The first version of this infographic was created in collaboration with Shiji Group and the Hotelschool The Hague Industry PRO-ject initiative. Four teams of dedicated hotel management students assisted the data collection and selection process. We'd like to thank the following young talents for their great work: Emily Marie Pohl, Hanne Schoenemann, Isabella Domenig, Luca Lang, Roland van Eeden, Adriaan Stam, Anton Wijs, Jannes Cohen, Robbert Daemen, Alex Magnani, Lynn van Breda, Minne van der Zaag, Annelotte Zweers, Wieke Hijlkema, Irina Quispel, Luuk Boogaarts, Simone Hoogendoorn, Theis Graef, Thomas Modrall Sperling, and Gabriela Sotto Mayor Silva.


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