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External Article12 January 2021

Painful 2020 has U-turned into more painful 2021

The good news is that there are now three vaccines in use, but the first week of 2021 has poured more acid onto the dismal news of 2020 as businesses continue feeling pain amid a lack of clarity.

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Happy New Year.


The first month of this new year has not shown a great deal of light, although three vaccines in active use globally provide a tinge of optimism.

The program to get the vaccine in people's arms is a huge one, as is the restarting of the economy, but the spread and mutation of the virus is seemingly moving at a faster pace than that of politicians.

The BBC states that British vaccination efforts might be hampered by a global shortage of glass vials to store vaccines, lengthy safety checks and the training of sufficient numbers of trained vaccinators.

Hoteliers also need an injection.

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