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External Article19 February 2021

Hilton Banking On “Resilient Business Model, Spirit Of Innovation” And “A Clear Purpose” To Overcome Pandemic

HILTON is confident that its “resilient business model, spirit of innovation” and “a clear purpose” will tide it through this challenging period.

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"Ultimately, we believe that will be this swift, responsive and adaptive innovation that will help us progress towards the travel and tourism sector's eventual recovery," said Hilton's vice president, operations in Southeast Asia, Paul Hutton in an interview with Web in Travel.


"Amidst all the uncertainty, the importance of having a clear Purpose cannot be emphasised enough. What serves as our consistent North Star has been the safety and well-being of our guests and team members," he added.

Like most hospitality companies, Hilton has had to adapt its product to changing consumer segments and preferences. For one, it has had to invent guest experiences that now cater more to local domestic travellers rather than international ones.

"Our hotels have begun tailoring their response to local needs and demands, including the curation of creative guest experiences, to allow domestic travellers to immerse themselves in authentic local moments, health and wellness, delectable destination dining and exploration of the great outdoors," said Hutton.

Hilton had earlier made the news for putting hygiene and cleanliness in the forefront of its marketing campaign. It made sense especially since surveys were showing that customers were valuing a hotel's enhanced cleanliness, safety and hygiene practices above a good deal or discounts.

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