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External Article 3 June 2021

Why direct selling is experiencing its sweetest moment

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Direct selling, both telephone and website, has gained a large share of sales during the pandemic, demonstrating its great sales capacity and resilience. This huge increase has meant that many hoteliers have changed their passive or neutral attitudes towards direct sales to considering it a strategic pillar in their distribution. In this post, we will analyse the reasons for this explosion and, in a second post, why part of this change will be permanent and what hotels need to do to consolidate it.The leisure segment is leading the recovery

Covid has revolutionised hotel distribution in the short and medium term, with segments that have held up better and others where recovery seems slow and painful. The segment that has suffered the least and is recovering the fastest is leisure, which, in recent weeks, has even registered increases compared to 2019, mainly for summer stays. On the other side of the spectrum, we find MICE, corporate and, undoubtedly the worst affected, the group segment.

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