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External Article14 July 2021

The Ethics of Producing Travel Content Post Pandemic

How do Creators Ensure That They Are Not Becoming Out of Touch with Their Audiences?

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In the lead up to the first lockdown, there was definitely a formula that worked for travel content. From couples posing in the waterfalls of Bali and beaches of Tulum, to floating breakfasts and beautiful sunsets from beautiful houses in the Maldives - we’re aware of many examples of how successful aspirational travel content was made.


The issue with these popular destinations, however, is they were beginning to get overpopulated. Communities that weren’t used to accommodating large groups of tourists were needing to make adjustments that they couldn’t always make. However, while the pandemic has brought its own issues, it’s possible it may have presented more of an opportunity for a new take on influencer travel content.

In March 2020, many travel content creators had to do some serious reflection. Did they quit creating content, or pivot? Many decided to pivot and keep themselves at the forefront of the conversation. This meant taking elements of travel, like culture and food, art and sport, and creating this type of content at home. Which opened up many avenues for both creators and brands, as well as opening up a portal for audiences into their favourite parts of travel.

Many took to clueing themselves upon their favourite destinations, this also led to taking a further interest in improving things for the better, both for local communities and the environment.

So what does content look like moving forward?

Content creation as an industry isn’t going anywhere, but it will likely continue to evolve. The next few months are likely not going to be straightforward. We may see some clumsiness from creators – that’s almost guaranteed. But the key to producing safe travel content will in fact be simple, just as long as content creators continue to follow government guidelines (local and international), as well as planning accordingly and taking the necessary precautions to share safe travel practices.

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