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Business travel reinvented - who gets to travel now?

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The return of business travel has been debated ad nauseum, but there is agreement on this: changes in corporate programs, mandates and approvals will either slow - or accelerate - travel's return.


Which way will it be, and what will the new corporate travel world look like in 2022 and beyond?

It's too early to say, in some respects, as countries open and close, companies adopt a wait-and-see approach before unleashing their employees once again and the industry grapples with new protocols and the demands on supply shift.

What is fairly certain is that the business travel is attempting to position itself for what comes next.

Corporate travel platforms are still bringing in investment capital, acquisitions are happening and the market is primed, ready (and hoping?) for the same pent-up demand in leisure to hit business travel.

And, of course, throw in emergence of the sustainability agenda and a desire for travelers to avoid crowded airports, igniting use of other forms of transportation, such as rail.

To discuss the issues and challenges, Niklas Andréen, president and chief operating officer at CWT, and Champa Magesh, president for partner solutions at Trainline, spoke with Phocuswright's Charuta Fadnis during the Phocuswright Europe 2021 event last month.

The full discussion is included below...

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