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External Article27 July 2021

Changes in travel are likely here to stay. And that's a good thing

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As the world finally starts to reopen and we emerge from the pandemic, there are so many things that have been altered or impacted by Covid-19.

For us in travel, we were among the first industries that had to adapt and introduce all the sweeping changes or measures to be Covid-safe. As we all look to return to normal, there are several measures that will likely be long-lasting, permanent and even – dare I say – welcomed ones.

Cleaning/health/safety protocols: Much like the security standards for travel following 9/11 – standards that remain in effect today, nearly 20 years later – so, too, is the next iteration of global health and safety practices. I think we can all agree that cleaner is better. Now that hotels and airlines have adopted enhanced measures, there is going to be increased expectation that those will continue. As a result, consumers are likely going to gravitate to those companies that continue to put increased emphasis on cleaning and safety protocols permanently. At the same time, travelers will want the services and amenities they loved pre-Covid, but with the new adjustments.

It is also worth noting how cruise lines, which took the brunt of attacks during the pandemic, had many of these protocols in place before the pandemic. Cruise ship passengers have long been accustomed to seeing hand sanitizers placed throughout the ship, with crew regularly encouraging/requiring passengers to use these stations whenever returning to the ship, going to restaurants or other public areas. Furthermore, to my knowledge there aren't medical staff and facilities in every hotel, which, of course, is standard for ships and are now being enhanced.

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