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External Article15 September 2021

With Hyatt Deal, Apple Leisure Group Aims To Globalize Luxury All-Inclusive Resort Model

Acquisition by Hyatt Hotels Will Ease AMResorts' Barrier to Entry in New Markets

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HOLLYWOOD, Florida — Luxury, all-inclusive resorts are not just a Caribbean fad despite much of the buzz from hotel brands being concentrated on that region.

Apple Leisure Group, and its brand management division AMResorts, has for 20 years sought to change the landscape for all-inclusive resorts, and that includes expanding the geography of its portfolio, said Javier Coll, group president for global development at AMResorts.

"The all-inclusive segment is poised for growth. We've seen that for many years now. That was one of the main reasons why, 20 years ago when we started this company, we tried to change the landscape in terms of the all-inclusive model. There was a lot of cheap product; the standards were not the best. Since then, we have had a proven record that we can deliver a luxury product," Coll said in an interview with Hotel News Now during the Caribbean Hotel & Resort Investment Summit.

"We're growing in different markets; it's not just in the specific destinations — Cancun, Punta Cana. We're growing everywhere. We have new destinations now that we're looking at like the Cayman Islands, like Colombia, like Tobago. We see massive expansion in Europe as well. It's a worldwide movement. It's not ... just happening in this part of the world, in the Caribbean; it's happening everywhere. And our goal is to keep expanding."

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