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External Article22 September 2021

A Temperature Check On Vacation Rentals

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Vacation rentals were the undoubtable success story of the travel industry in the first year of the pandemic.


Bookings ramped up rapidly and demand climbed to unprecedented levels.

For travelers largely confined by closed borders and worried by the surge in the coronavirus cases, but still wanting to get together with family and friends and just take a break from it all, vacation rentals seemed the obvious choice. They offered privacy, safety and a home away from home.

Bans on international travel also herded travelers towards domestic trips and encouraged them to try vacation rentals as a result. Consumers discovered the untapped delights of their own country - whether that was beaches, mountains or cities - and booked unique stays in yurts and treehouses.

Some chose a vacation rental out of necessity rather than choice as hotels were unable to open as quickly, bringing in a new generation of guests to the sector.

By last winter, it became clearer that COVID-19 was not going anywhere fast. Vacation rentals seemed set to continue their growth through the summer of 2021 as travel restrictions eased, surpassing the "normal" levels of 2019 and dominating the accommodation sector.

As kids return to school and employees are tentatively returning to the office, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on whether this year's summer has lived up to the hype. Has it really been the best on record?

More importantly, are vacation rentals now in a good position to sustain this demand in future? Or is it too soon to tell?

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