Source: COMO Hotels and Resorts
Source: COMO Hotels and Resorts

COMO Hotels and Resorts renews their world-wide commitment to sustainability with enhanced initiatives celebrating local culture, supporting the domestic economy, and minimizing impact on the environment. Dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences for people with a passion for life, COMO Parrot Cay introduces firstever Sustainability Manager dedicated to preserving the island’s ecosystem by diminishing the resort’s environmental footprint.

COMO Parrot Cay Introduces Sustainability Manager

COMO Parrot Cay introduces Jessica Frattolio as Sustainability Manager for the Turks & Caicos property. The Canadian native leads several programs through her position, focusing on the production of water and energy to service the island. By implementing several water conservation techniques like filtering through reverse osmosis, collecting rainwater, and recycling ‘greywater’ into the island’s irrigation system, COMO Parrot Cay saves an average of 24,000 gallons of water every day. The private island has three generators to produce electricity that fuel its facilities and accommodations. These generators are audited throughout the day to manage the energy outputs, decreasing or increasing voltage as needed. These key programs allow for COMO Parrot Cay to be a completely self-sufficient island.

Agricultural Mission at COMO Castello Del Nero

COMO Castello Del Nero’s 740-acre estate has long been the site of traditional Tuscan agricultural activity. The estate’s vineyard, olive groves, and beehives are still in active use and supply the kitchens with quality Chianti produce. The property is also committed to sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers to forge strong ties within the local community.

The Felix Project at COMO Metropolitan London & COMO The Halkin

COMO Metropolitan London and COMO The Halkin are firmly focused on corporate citizenship and forged relationships with community partners to foster their core values of health and wellness. Both hotels have partnered with The Felix Project, a London charity fighting food poverty. The support includes fundraisers and donations.

Ocean Conservation at COMO Maalifushi & COMO Cocoa Island

COMO Maalifushi and COMO Cocoa Island are dedicated to conserving the Maldives’ rich marine life and encourage guests to learn more about the Indian Ocean. Both properties share new sightings of whale sharks with Ecocean to aid their cataloguing efforts and guests have the opportunity to swim with these magnificent creatures.

Authentically Australian at COMO The Treasury

COMO The Treasury has strong ties with the local community, whether through connections with the companies commissioned to provide bedding, tableware and art, or the farmers supplying the finest seasonal produce from around Western Australia. COMO The Treasury works with local partners to provide truly authentic experiences and tours in the city of Perth and beyond. The hotel also partners with charities such as Youth Focus and Lifeline, to foster their core values of mental wellbeing within the wider community.

Sustainable Farm-to-Table Experiences in Bali

COMO’s Bali properties support and contribute to the local economy while providing guests with sustainable and authentic experiences. The on-site kitchens at COMO Shambhala Estate, COMO Uma Ubud, and COMO Uma Canggu, practice a farm-to-table culture, serving sustainable and locally sourced ingredients to support local farmers to reduce their carbon footprint. COMO Shambhala Estate takes advantage of its lush jungle location and uses the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from their garden throughout its cuisine. COMO Uma Ubud chooses to purchase cashew nuts and roselle from a social enterprise, which reinvests revenue into income-generating activities. To achieve a long-lasting impact in Bali, COMO Uma Ubud and COMO Uma Canggu partnered with local organizations to provide support and career development to young, underprivileged people.

Local Business and Career Support in Thailand

COMO Point Yamu operates sustainably by partnering with local businesses and producers around Phuket. Many of the Thai design elements seen throughout the resort were handmade by local artisans, using locally sourced materials like wood and stone. COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is part of the Santisuk Foundation, a charity that works to help disadvantaged children living in poorer communities of Bangkok. The hotel provides education funds and a day-care center to ensure they are well-prepared for primary school.

Clean Bhutan at COMO Uma Bhutan

COMO Uma Paro and COMO Uma Punakha celebrates the unique cultural heritage of Bhutan, through carefully curated activities with locals at nearby monasteries and nunneries. COMO Uma Bhutan passionately supports Clean Bhutan - a non-profit organization working towards a zerowaste Bhutan by 2030. Clean Bhutan also takes on the responsibility of cleaning towns, rivers, and trails around the country. COMO Uma Bhutan also manages its own vegetable garden, planting rice and chilly amongst other vegetables, which are used in the kitchens of both properties.

About the COMO Group and COMO Hotels and Resorts

The COMO Group, headquartered in Singapore, represents Christina Ong’s unique vision of contemporary living. The Group encompasses the hospitality collection, COMO Hotels and Resorts, which offers personalised luxury travel experiences through individualised service, a commitment to holistic wellness, and award-winning cuisine. Each hotel is developed in response to the destination it inhabits. The Group also includes the international luxury fashion retailer Club 21, the award-winning wellness concept COMO Shambhala, COMO Lifestyle including COMO Dempsey in Singapore and the philanthropic COMO Foundation. Get a glimpse of the beautiful destinations and follow exciting adventures on Instagram @comohotels