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External Article 1 November 2021

Boutique Hoteliers Hire With Long-Term Value in Mind

Education, Mentorship, Career Tracking for Employees a Priority

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Retaining and hiring employees has been a struggle for the hospitality industry, and since boutique hotels and companies are working on smaller scales than the brands, it requires acute attention to detail.

Speaking during the 2021 online Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Conference by BLLA, Guy Maisnik, partner and vice chair of Global Hospitality Group at Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Mitchell, said during a session titled "An Inside Look: The Boutique Hotel Labor Crisis" the reason some people aren't returning to their companies or positions is because they didn't see growth.

"The ones that didn't want to go back in the industry saw no place for them. It's a little bit surprising to me, because one would think that hospitality of all places would provide that kind of growth," he said. "You've heard the stories, the person that started as a dishwasher and worked their way up. That is more the exception [not the norm]."

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