Last Friday we closed our throwback at HN Summit Series - Property Management Stack. Did you know we produced yet another series; HN Summit Series - Distribution 2.0? The first episode of this series took place on April 20th and was sponsored by Shiji Group.

Natalie Kimball, Vice President Strategic Account Management – Distribution at Shiji Group, Ira Vouk, Hospitality Technology and Revenue Management consultant, and Matthew Shutt, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Expedia Partner Solutions at Expedia Group joined moderator Peter O’Connor, Professor of Strategy at University of South Australia Business School to discuss, share thoughts and perspectives on the indirect distribution dilemma.

The contribution of OTAs to hotel success remains controversial. While many appreciate the additional bookings that OTAs bring, most resent the resulting commissions. Looking objectively at the decision, these sessions explore the indirect distribution dilemma, highlight the challenges and value of working with OTAs.

OTA penetration fell drastically during COVID-19 as travelers reached out directly to suppliers to allay safety concerns. But, as we return to the new normal, initial indications are that OTAs are regaining their dominant position within travel distribution.

The question is: Is this a certainty, and what can hotels do to retain their newfound market Share?

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