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Munich – TrustYou, a renowned industry leader in guest feedback solutions, is taking review management to new heights with the exciting release of responseAI. This innovative feature, launched in parallel with the updated Review and Survey Inbox, leverages artificial intelligence technology to generate automated responses to guest reviews. By using AI to craft personalized and contextually relevant responses, hoteliers can now provide timely feedback to guests across a wide range of topics, significantly improving the guest experience. ResponseAI eliminates the arduous task of creating responses from scratch, offering a greater variety of responses while reducing the effort and time required to craft unique replies by up to 75%.

The combined power of the New Inbox and responseAI unlocks numerous benefits for hoteliers. The efficient and streamlined workflow provided by the New Inbox ensures that hoteliers can quickly access relevant reviews and respond promptly, leading to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty. This technology recognizes positive and negative sentiments and will craft a response accordingly, even incorporating the guest's name as well as the name of the hotel to add a personal touch. TrustYou’s responseAI features translating capabilities to provide easy access to multiple languages.

We are delighted to introduce the New Inbox and responseAI, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and empowering hoteliers, said Ben Jost, Co-founder & CEO at TrustYou. These groundbreaking solutions have been designed to revolutionize the way hoteliers manage reviews, save time, and enhance guest satisfaction. Empowering hoteliers to respond swiftly while still maintaining a human touch will revolutionize the way hoteliers manage reviews, and save tremendous amounts of time and money while enhancing the guest experience at the same time.

Hotels can now upgrade to responseAI together with the New Inbox. To learn more, please visit or contact [email protected].

About TrustYou

TrustYou's mission is to help make customers happy. Happy customers are loyal, spend more, and talk positively about their experience. To achieve this goal, TrustYou turns insight into impact with three category-leading platforms:

  • The Customer Experience Platform (CXP) helps to improve quality and rankings based on surveys and reviews across the web, respond to all feedback with the help of AI, and actively market your reputation.
  • The Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps to merge customers' footprints into single profiles, understand your audiences, market to them, and measure the success of campaigns and messages.
  • The chatAI platform helps to provide answers faster than humanly possible, ensure personalized recommendations for more bookings, and lower operational costs.

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