Lure Agency and Sanderling Resort Announce Strategic Partnership to Elevate Beach Events in the Outer Banks — Photo by Lure Agency


Lure Agency, a leader in hospitality B2B marketing, is excited to announce a new partnership with Sanderling Resort.

Sanderling Resort is a distinguished destination located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the experience of hosting team retreats, focusing on assisting those new to event planning. The group sales team commitment to working with non-professional meeting planners tasked with organizing small and midsized leadership programs is at the heart of this partnership.

Recognizing the challenges faced by novice event planners, Sanderling’s event managers are dedicated to crafting an end-to-end experience starting with educational process and ending with an effortlessly luxurious experience in the serene beauty of the Outer Banks. 

Lure Agency, with its proven expertise in hospitality marketing, joins forces with Sanderling Resort to emphasize the resort's unique value proposition. The partnership will utilize Lure's successful W.I.N.S. strategy - a proven relationship-building sales and marketing technique.

“We are excited to work alongside Sanderling Resort to redefine luxury beach event planning in the Outer Banks,” says Cory Falter, Partner and CEO of Lure Agency. “Our goal is to showcase the unique offerings of Sanderling Resort and provide an educational and inspiring journey for those new to event planning.”

This strategic partnership represents a significant commitment by both organizations to set new standards in the hospitality industry. The collaboration is expected to yield substantial results, enhancing Sanderling Resort's reputation as the premier choice for team retreats in the Outer Banks and elevating the planning experience for newcomers.

About Sanderling Resort

Sanderling Resort is a top-rated destination in Duck, North Carolina, renowned for its luxury and natural beauty blend. Catering to guests seeking relaxation and adventure, the resort is an ideal location for exceptional beach events, offering unparalleled service and amenities.

About Lure Agency

Lure Agency is renowned for its passion for R&R – Relationships and Revenue. This Hospitality B2B marketing agency stands out for its unique "Science and Soul" approach, expertly fusing data-driven strategies with creative flair. Specializing in helping independent resorts, tech companies, and suppliers and vendors in the hospitality industry.

Lure Agency crafts success stories by balancing human connection with tailored strategies. Their work goes beyond mere business transactions; it's a journey of collaboration and innovation.

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Susan Tucker
Partner & COO