If you’re currently looking at applying to college programmes in hospitality management, you’ve probably already asked yourself this question: What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality? There isn’t one single answer. As the student profiles in this article will demonstrate, a hospitality degree can open up a vast range of career paths and opportunities across many different sectors – so many, in fact, that it can be hard to decide exactly what you want to do after you graduate or know how to go about it! Come and listen to our new student profile every two weeks.

Student profiles - All you need to know to start your career

Happily, this podcast is here to help. Want to know how to get into marketing, consulting, innovation, human resources or asset management? Considering taking a master’s degree but not sure whether to do it straight away or work for a while first? Want to know if it’s possible to combine an online master’s with working full time?

For this podcast, we’ve tracked down former EHL students who have been where you are now and want to share their experiences with you. Sit back and listen to these inspiring stories from EHL graduates who have gone on to work and study in varied fields around the world.

SEASON 2 - What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality?

Our second season of student profiles includes illuminating chats with EHL graduates who went on to work in marketing, innovation and strategy in hospitality and beyond. Discover why it’s not always best to do a master’s straight after your bachelor’s, and how following your hospitality degree with a specialized master’s can be a winning combination.

Killian Rod - Brand Management at Nestlé

As an intern, I was able to work on such amazing projects. My managers were also super inspiring. I think that's also what made me decide on marketing at that point.
Discover his story

SEASON 1 - the blueprint from hospitality degree to your dream job

In our first season, we chat to EHL graduates who went on to work in corporate finance, entrepreneurship, data analysis, real estate, sustainability and more, via master’s degrees at some of the world’s best institutions, including IE University in Spain, Harvard Business School in the US, INSEAD in France and the University of St Gallen in Switzerland. Hear how an online MBA was the best fit for a Sustainability Manager who wanted to continue working alongside her studies; how one former EHL student followed his passion for Big Data and ended up working for Google; and how a career in real estate investment was boosted by a master’s in Bristol, UK. Season 1 episodes