ChatGPT combines deep learning and natural language processing to understand and respond to human queries. Unlike traditional chatbots, it wasn"t trained by humans. 
Instead, substantial amounts of text data taught it to understand conversations and naturally answer questions

ChatGPT will revolutionize the hospitality industry by transforming the way hotels handle customer service. The chatbot can be integrated into all stages of the hotel guest journey, so expect more efficiency and fewer costs.

Forward-thinking hoteliers use it to unlock important findings like predictive models for demand and future trends in seasonality or booking peaks.
This helps hotels stay competitive by handling revenue management, perfecting operations and preparing for periods of high demand.

ChatGPT can analyze guest data from previous stays and foster loyalty by customizing recommendations. The possibilities are endless: room preferences, activity suggestions based on guest profiles, etc.

Its power lies in decreasing response time, customizing service based on guest preferences, and increasing efficiency. All of those do wonders for loyalty and guest satisfaction levels.

Not only can this technology be used in the front-end (front office, marketing, events, housekeeping) but also in the back-end.
The biggest impact then is in the purchasing department in relation to the analysis of new suppliers/products/services, market benchmarks, or tenders with a direct impact, if managed well, on cost optimisation.

The advantages do not end there, as it can be used to great effect by supporting the day-to-day operations of the administration and legal departments.

ChatGBT can help you to stand apart from the competition with little added effort from your staff, other than that which should never be forgotten: the human touch and the customer relationship.