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Opinion Article 9 January 2017

3 Big Ways Digital Signage Works for Conference Centers

Here are a few key ways that digital signage drives improved performance in conference centers.

By Steve Freeman, Sales/Business Development Executive at Morrow Technologies - JANUS Displays

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Conference centers strive for improved efficiency and financial results while also trying to maintain a superior experience for conference hosts, exhibitors, and attendees. Digital signage is becoming an essential tool to meet these goals.

Here are a few key ways that digital signage drives improved performance in conference centers.

1. Digital Signage Reduces Staff Workload

Conference centers are complex, hectic, and intense commercial spaces. The average attendee may need more than architectural signage to get around. If they do, they will ask for help from your staff. Digital and interactive wayfinding maps help reduce the strain on your staff by providing clear and precise directions to locations within the conference center facility. The directions these wayfinding maps provide can then be sent to the user's smartphone, so the user can follow the wayfinding path to their destination.

When this technology is used in combination with digital event signage (room boards and area directories), conference attendees find their way to the right place without having to be directed by staff. This reduces labor (and labor costs) and reduces disruptions to the services the conference center staff should be performing.

Digital signage further reduces the burden on your staff by performing other staff-diverting services. An interactive directory (sometimes known as a concierge board) can provide attendees with concierge advice and information about your amenities, local area attractions, and dining options. Digital signage can also provide attendees with flight information and even allow attendees to print their own boarding passes.

2. Digital Signage Makes Life Better for Attendees

As conference centers continue to grow and companies expect more return for their investment into conferences, the burden on attendees increases. Just making it to events or appointments on time is difficult without factoring in schedule changes, foot traffic, and the challenge of schedule management within a complex and often large conference center space.

Digital signage can improve the conference experience by providing event-specific insight through large displays and video walls. A facility-wide digital signage system enhances the distribution of time-critical information (events starting now!) in an efficient but also impressive way.

The attendee can use interactive signage to explore, learn more about the facility, and then access event-specific offers or promotions. Digital signage also allows the conference venue to share information on entertainment and promotional or educational opportunities. In short, digital signage makes for a better attendee experience and makes a great impression.

3. Digital Signage Generates Revenue

Conference facilities know the value of their guests to the local economy. Digital signage represents a significant step forward in a facility's ability to program advertising and promotions to that audience. Sold correctly, digital signage advertising will significantly increase revenue for the conference center:

  • Digital signage has the ability to host a range of media including video, slideshows, live TV, and audio. Packages can be sold to take advantage of more advanced media types.
  • Digital signage can be programmed to show advertising at opportune times. Digital signage can be sold as part of the event hosting package, sold to key exhibitors during trade show exhibition times, can be used to promote internal facilities for meal times during the event, or sold to local businesses – such as local restaurants, to promote themselves to attendees leaving the facility at the end of the day.
  • Digital signage advertising can be changed easily and frequently, and so can be sold in any configuration that takes best advantage of advertising sales opportunities.
  • Digital signage advertising can roll out multiple adverts at any one time in a loop, meaning it needn't be sold exclusively.
  • Digital signage advertising can be interactive.
  • Digital signage advertising is cheaper to roll out, as no printing is required.

Digital Signage Provides a Win-Win.

Digital signage has the ability to generate significantly greater revenue and reduce staff overhead. As a result, the business case for digital signage is compelling. More importantly, the same digital signage system that helps increase profits also makes the event experience much richer for all the key stakeholders using your facility.

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