Invest in your largest asset - your employees. — Photo by Beekeeper

Companies often assume upgrading technology yields the biggest return on investment (ROI). While technological innovation is an essential part of any hospitality business, it may not deliver the ROI you expect. Alternatively, investing in your hospitality employees could result in the biggest improvement to your bottom line.

One of the widely known hospitality industry mottos is "heads in beds," and another should be "invest in people and they'll invest in you." A positive guest experience in hospitality is won or lost based on your staff's attitude and aptitude. From check-in to check-out, guests evaluate their experience based on how they are treated, so it's important to lead by example. We've outlined how investing in your hospitality employees can boost your bottom line.

Elite Training Creates Memorable Guest Service

The importance of properly trained hospitality staff has never been more important. With so many competitive options, guests can pick and choose where they want to spend their money. Those decisions are increasingly based on past experiences – both their own and those they have read about online.

Two of the best ways to ensure a guest has a top-notch experience is to A) resolve their issues quickly and skillfully and B) exceed their expectations. Whether it's an unsatisfactory meal or lost luggage, going above and beyond to correct the issue will impress your guests and encourage them to return.

Invest in proper training and set processes for all your workers to follow in any given situation when addressing guests' concerns. This creates operational efficiencies, enhances the customer experience, and establishes your internal company culture.

Happy Employees Improve Company Performance

Your team is arguably your company's most valuable asset; it only makes sense to keep your staff as content as possible. Bob Kelleher, the President and Founder of The Employee Engagement Group, believes that your staff – not your guests – should be your top priority. Additionally, hotel staff is in high demand so doing everything possible to reduce turnover is crucial. Companies should focus on keeping employees happy and engaged. But how do they do that?

Kelleher suggests that successful engagement includes a learning culture, transparent and frequent communication, the pursuit of higher performance, and alignment with company and individual goals. These are all areas you should consider investing into boost staff members' satisfaction levels. Happy employees are more productive, tend to better take care of customers, and more likely to become quality brand ambassadors. All of these translate to an increased bottom line.

Elite Training + A Happy Team = Improved Bottom Line

It's evident that employees are an integral part of elevating your company's performance. Colleagues who believe their employer is invested in their success are more likely to give their best at work. That means a great ROI in your people, which is music to a CFO's ears.


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