Designing a Truly Impressive Hotel Lobby — Photo by Bizzmark
Designing a Truly Impressive Hotel Lobby — Photo by Bizzmark
Designing a Truly Impressive Hotel Lobby — Photo by Bizzmark

In the last couple of decades, hotel lobbies have become a centrepiece of guests' experience. In a matter of seconds, the guests soak in the atmosphere and make up their minds whether they like it or not. Therefore, making a fantastic first impression really counts.

In the past, the lobby was underestimated and served only as a waiting area and a passageway through the hotel. Nowadays, hotel owners are aware that quality hotel service includes a comfortable and inviting lobby, since for many people, hotels are home away from home and the lobbies have become like their living rooms at home.

To be able to accommodate different needs and tastes, it's obvious that designing a hotel interior is not an easy job. So, here are some suggestions on how you can make a fabulous first impression by designing an impressive and attractive lobby.

Make it functional

Besides traditional lobby elements, such as a reception desk, waiting area and a concierge stand, make sure you make it also a gathering place where guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

With a little creativity, you can make it a multifunctional place that is inviting and guest-oriented. Provide varied sections, such as a café or a cocktail and snack bar, a chat-friendly communal area with flexible seats and tables, a retail and souvenir shop, a library section featuring books about the city and its localities and local artists, a space designated for business people with outlets, laptop ports, printers and phones, and a play area with an ice-cream stand for families on vacation.

In this way, everyone can find a place that suits their needs, and which can allow them to spend some alone time if they want.

Create a social hotspot

For many guests, socializing in the lobby is one of the most memorable experiences they take from their visit. This is a place where new friendships are made, stories and jokes are told, meals are shared and experiences exchanged. So, make sure you make the place a suitable environment for guests to interact freely.

Use warm colours, wooden materials and comfortable furniture to create a homey atmosphere. Provide a lot of seating space divided into smaller zones, with Wi-Fi and outlets, giving your guests a lot of opportunities to stay in and enjoy the space.

Provide easy access to hotel amenities

One thing that all guests are particularly fond of is easy and quick access to hotel amenities right from the lobby. For their convenience, give them a wide selection of choices: shops, boutiques, gift shops, coffee and snacks bar, as well as books and newspaper stand. When there are in-house offerings and unexpected retail prices, your guests won't have the need to shop elsewhere.

Also, no guests would ever complain about a great Wi-Fi connection and a chance to watch their favourite game or show on an oversized flat screen TV. Even business people need a break sometimes, but they also like to catch up on the current business news and stock market reports. And what a better place to do this than in a comfortable lobby lounge area over a cup of coffee? With the help of expert TV installers, adding this feature into your lobby can be done quickly with a low-cost and high-quality professional service.

Emphasise comfort

Regardless of the nature of their visit to your hotel, guests are always looking for comfort first. Make sure you provide comfortable seating in the lobby and choose different types of furniture so everyone can find a place that suits their needs. For some, it might be a big, soft armchair, or a deep sofa and for others, it could be a lounge chair or a tall table with a stool to do quick work on the laptop.

Making the lobby comfortable and multi-functional, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice its aesthetic appeal. You can still incorporate interesting, thought-provoking and luxurious features that will not leave your guests indifferent, such as gorgeous glass chandeliers, inspirational artwork or a feature plant-covered wall.

Unlike other types of businesses, hotels rely heavily on the looks to make a great first impression, so a well-designed lobby is a must. By drawing your guests out of their rooms and into your versatile lobby, they'll be able to fully enjoy their stay and keep coming back.

Lillian Connors
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist